Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get Ready for Free Motion Quilting

The quilt class quilt is nearly done.  I've been machine quilting it, and I started by stitching in the ditch. Stitching in the ditch is a great way to machine quilt your quilt -- it's easy to do and can be done quickly.  I prefer to do my stitching in the ditch with a walking foot, but you can also stitch in the ditch using your free-motion foot.  More on this technique later. 

I'm going to fill each quilt block with a simple flower motif; and, after much thought and doodling, I'm going to free-motion quilt the sashing areas with a quilting design that will look great and be easy to do.  Here's the page from my sketchbook --->--->--->

Til next time - happy quilting!

Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Time to Learn to Quilt!

Come along with me and learn to quilt.  I'm putting together an easy project for you.  From start to finish, I'll show you how easy and enjoyable quilting can be.  We'll start at the beginning with gathering supplies, setting up your machine, cutting and piecing.  We will finish with quilting the quilt on your home machine and putting the finishing touch on your quilt with a beautiful binding.  You'll be surprised how fun and easy quilting can be.

The quilt top you see above is the quilt we'll be making.  I've almost finished the quilting and binding, so you'll see the finished project soon.  It's a simple but stylish design that can be done in any color set you like.

To start this project, your first assignment is to find a suitable sewing machine.  You don't need to have a fancy sewing machine; it can be old or new.  You'll want to make sure your sewing machine works properly.  Make sure to read the owner's manual, and clean the machine before starting.  You can find instructions for cleaning your machine in the owner's manual.  NOTE:  If you have a sewing machine and can't find the owner's manual, you can locate most manuals online with a simple search and download a copy for free. 

If you're going to purchase a new machine, there are a few basic features you definitely want to look for. It's nice to have an assortment of stitches (all machines have the basic stitches you need), the ability to lower and raise the feed dogs and the ability to set a "needle up" or "needle down" position.  I also recommend that you purchase a "walking foot" for your machine.

So let's get started.  You get your sewing machine ready, and I'll finish the quilt and post the pattern and instructions.  Then we'll move on to the next step - the Supply List and Choosing Your Fabric.

Send me any questions you may have.  I'd love to hear from you.

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